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3 min readMar 28, 2021

On March 23, 2021, we held a phenomenal event in the Ladiesdotech community which launched the mentorship arm of our community; LadiesDoBlockchain.

The event had top Blockchain female leaders in attendance. We had Oluchi Enebeli, the founder of Ladiesdotech who is the 1st Female Blockchain Engineer in Nigeria. We also had Faith Obafemi, a renowned Blockchain Lawyer, Roselyn Wanjiru, Director of Growth and User Acquisitions at Pesabase, and Blessing Emah, a Blockchain Product Manager and co-founder of Blockchain OAU.

Rosalyn Wanjiru had her background in Economics. but she decided to go into tech because the trends in mobile tech were increasing around her. particularly with the introduction of Mpesa in Kenya.

She went ahead to learn about coding for a while before she started learning about marketing. In addition to that, she has developed great leadership skills and research skills over the years. This has become valuable to her as she currently leads marketing and user acquisition at Pesabase.

One of the attendees asked what the requirements were for a beginner to go into blockchain. Rosalyn responded by advising that you start by reading about blockchain trends in your country to have a good perspective of regulations that exist there.

Furthermore, she advised you should consider if there is a great adoption of blockchain by the government, it will influence how your knowledge grows in Blockchain because there would be a lot of learning opportunities provided.

In addition, she advised that you should assess whether or not you want to work remotely or in your country. If you choose to work in your locality, you should llookout for a new blockchain project that you can volunteer your skills in. If you find a paid role, then you can start working and learn on the job.

Similarly, she urged that you take up short courses on Blockchain online. Blessing Emah recommended a blockchain course in a MOOC program from the University of Nicosia. This is a free course to help you get started with Blockchain technology.

Another attendee asked what the easiest way was for anyone to get into Blockchain. Faith Obafemi responded by stating that you can start a blockchain career from the current skill you have. Even if you’re a teacher, you can become a blockchain teacher.

According to her, one of the best teachers in Blockchain is Andreas Antonopoulos. His teachings on Blockchain technology has helped a lot of people start a career in Blockchain.

One of the attendees also asked if any of the speakers could explain how NFTs work. Oluchi Enebeli gave a concise answer to this. She explained that NFTs are Non-fungible tokens that differ from regular crypto tokens. They are unique representations of digital assets or tokenized digital assets.

Before now, if an artist wanted to show ownership of an artwork, they had to watermark it. But with the introduction of NFTs, that design can be tokenized on a blockchain to show ownership and you can earn royalties from it.

They are non-fungible because they can’t be exchanged with another identical one for the same value. It is different from regular tokens which can be exchanged for any other token.

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