How to Ace your Next Tech Interview

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how to ace a tech interview
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Getting the tech job of your dreams involves more than having a great CV or a valuable portfolio. You need to demonstrate why you are a great fit for the role through an interview.

Have you ever wondered why someone you know who has a less impressive CV always gets the job while you never get a job offer after an interview? You might need to level up on your interview skills to solve this problem.

This post will show you how to prepare well for your next interview and how to win the hearts of your interviewers during the interview.

How to prepare for a Tech Interview

Conduct some research on the company

You need to find out more about the company you want to work with to know if it’s a great fit for you. You can reach out to some of the staff who work there to find out about the work culture, how the staff feels about the company, and whether it aligns with your career goals.

You need to also research the problems they currently face and how you can proffer solutions to them. You can find the right answers to your inquiries by starting with the company’s website. You’ll discover the company’s vision, values, work culture, and the kind of product/service they offer.

Next, you need to check out all the company's social media pages to know how they want their consumers to see them. Follow these pages to get fresh updates about them before your interview. Also, find out who their competitors are and what makes the company stand out from them.

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Carrying out good research on the company ahead of the interview will help you give compelling answers to the questions and will show recruiters that you’ll be useful to the company. You should bear in mind that interviewers expect candidates to also ask questions concerning the company and the role they are applying for.

Practice the interview with a friend

Once you have prepared your knowledge base for the interview, you may want to act out the interview with a friend to increase your chances of getting the role. Document regular interview questions on that role and have a friend ask you those questions, while you provide answers to them. Your level of preparedness here will reflect in the actual interview.

How to stand out during the interview

Show up for your interview ahead of time. You don’t want to give off a terrible impression to your recruiters about your attitude to work. Going late to an interview could reduce your level of confidence and you may end up pitching yourself poorly.

It’s okay if you are nervous about the interview, but don’t let it take you over. Visualize your success and let it build your confidence at the interview.

Ensure you relate your skills and achievements to the needs of the company. Answer all questions carefully and share specific examples when possible.

Ask the interviewer relevant questions about the role and the company to be sure if you’ll love to work there. And ask about the next step in the interview process.

What to do after the interview

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After your interview, you have another opportunity to reinforce that you are the best candidate for the role. To take advantage of this, you need to assess your performance at the concluded interview to include what you may have missed there in the second interview or a thank-you email.

Write a thank-you email to your interviewer expressing your gratitude for their time, restating your interest in the job, referring to your skills and experience, and how you’re going to use them to help your future employer get what they want.

You can also request the interviewer's business cards to follow them up on their active social media platforms. If they follow you back, that means they are interested in learning more about you. Even if you don’t end up getting the job, they may become a useful connection for another opportunity in the future.

Getting an interview in tech is not always easy. But when you get one, ensure you put your best foot forward to get the job. Following these steps will help you do so.

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