Ladies Do Tech (LDT) Community Launches!

What we value:

  • Learning
  • Consistency
  • Team spirit
  • Pro-activeness
  • Mental growth

Our Niche :

  • Blockchain technology
  • Web technologies

Why another ladies tech community? Why LDT :

We have discovered that inasmuch as women are gradually coming out to own a space for themselves in tech, women are still heavily underrepresented and some of the women already in the field are still living in the shadows of their creative abilities. What we aim at achieving is an ardent tech lady with sound knowledge of concepts and practicalities in any tech space, grooming an ideal African tech Lady!

What the LDT community offers :

  • Closed mentorship
  • Quick career switch process
  • Opportunity to network
  • The right environment to ask any question and not feel dumb
  • A friendly and passionate Eco-system of ladies doing (and not just talking) tech.
  • Visibility through our open-source projects, powered by women, encouraging more women to get involved in the open-source community
  • Accessibility to tech jobs



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Ladies Do Tech

Ladies Do Tech

Fostering a community of excellent, passionate and groundbreaking ladies in African tech, who can work together, not only to challenge the status quo.